NKOTB in Hawaii: Aloha!

Work, family and pleasure blend in the paradisiac Hawaii, as the New Kids On The Block arrive with their families to perform with TLC for three nights and enjoy their time off the stage.

Joey McIntyre flew in on Wednesday from Los Angeles (CA) with the Mac bunch; his wife Barrett, his sons Griffin and Rhys, and his daughter Kira. Harley Rodriguez, Jonathan Knight’s husband, also arrived on the same day.

A few hours later, Joey was spotting rainbows, double rainbows, and a New Kids On The Block vinyl at the Ukelele Store (among vinyls of Madonna, Prince and Elvis Presley)

On Saturday, Joey McIntyre sent his Namaste from the Hanauna Bay State Park, a place that once was a volcano, then a mountain, and now a paradisiac beach. He also mentioned that even though is was public park one would need a reservation to enter. And he wrapped up his stories with the cutest photo of the Macs.

Meanwhile Donnie Wahlberg, who had arrived a day after Joey and Harley did, enjoyed the time off on Saturday playing golf with friends, at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club.

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