NKOTB Introduces BHBC, a Throwback Collection of Home Goods and Apparel

When I posted on Monday “Would You Like New “Old School” NKOTB Merch?“, and then tweeted it on Tuesday, I was expecting two things: one, that you were all going to gaga about my buzz saying what you’d like to have; and two, those pretty little comments saying, “ugh, misleading title.” But, none of it happen…

What it did happen six hours after my tweet, was the release of “BHBC”, New Kids On The Block’s new collection of home goods and apparel based on the NKOTB bed sheets…

Would you trust now the BH alerts that turns on in my pretty little brain? ?

What cracks me up, is that in the introduction of the collection we can read “Your creativity inspired us…” The line that set up my BH alert! My Argentinian ego could have grown without limit, but all I can do is laugh about it…, and feel happy! Because, as I mentioned in the previous post, this is great not only for the first generation but also for the 2nd-gen who now have the chance to spice up their homes with those super fun colors and patterns from the 90s.

What’s In Store?

I am beyond excited about this! Up to this date, we can find at the store:

  • coasters, in mint and purple ($10)
  • masks, in white and in black ($14,99)
  • coffee mug ($14,99)
  • pint glass ($15,99)
  • hand towel ($19,99)
  • apron ($40) and oven mitt ($25)
  • a blanket! ($ 50,00)

What’s Coming Next?

Also at the introduction of the new collection, the New Kids have written that more HOT items are coming this Summer, for beach parties & BBQs. So, stay tuned!

Personally, I’ll be waiting for planners, binders, pet bags, phone cases! Notebook cases! I’m still in quarantine, working from Sunday to Sunday (happily nerd-ing ?), so it would be really nice to bring the joy to my home office.

So! How excited are you about this expression of love!? Because, c’mon! This is what BHBC is ?

PS: Danny gave an interview for People Magazine regarding the release of BHBC; check it out! https://people.com/lifestyle/nkotb-release-blockhead-bedsheet-collection/