NKOTB on The Kelly Clarkson Show (All the Clips!)

The New Kids On The Block took over The Kelly Clarkson Show on Friday, March 8, 2024. The episode was filmed on March 6.

Here are all the segments and episode’s highlights.

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Before the Show

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Episode Preview: NKOTB Still Doesn’t Know What ‘NYNUK’ Means

“Oh God it was a real thing?!” Kelly is shocked to learn that New Kids on the Block’s original band name was NYNUK, and the group reveals they still don’t know what the producers were thinking with the name.

Episode Preview: NKOTB Want To Go Country

“We’re going country!” New Kids on the Block reveal they have a country song on their upcoming album “Still Kids,” and the group debates recording a potential country album in the future.

NKOTB on The Kelly Clarkson Show: The Interview

Segment’s Highlights

  • Was it always “New Kids On The Block” always the name of the band? “Oh my God it was a real thing”, says Kelly when she sees a fan wearing the Nynuk hoodie.
  • Do they keep memorabilia? Jordan believes he still has his rattail
  • Kelly met Danny in Germany, when Danny was playing solo.
  • A change in their careers when they performed at the AMAs 1991 (with J-Lo as a backup dancer), which happened a day after the iconic performance at the Half Time Super Bowl. [Watch New Kids On The Block Super Bowl Half Time Show, 1/27/91]
  • Is there any other genre they would choose? “Jon did a country song in our latest album”, Jordan says.
  • NKOTB on their new album “Still Kids.” [Pre-order “Still Kids”]
  • What is different about this Magic Summer Tour?
  • Donnie on tap dancing and performing with Paula Abdul on “Opposites Attract”
  • Why this album now? “They demanded it”, says Donnie, who has “visions”… The new album has 14 songs and “Blockheads are gonna love it.”
  • The single “Kids.”

New Kids On The Block’s Magic Summer Tour 2024, with special guests Paula Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff, kicks in on June 14 through August 25. Tickets and VIPS are on sale.

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