NKOTB at the Orpheum Theatre

NKOTB at the Orpheum Theatre, was one in a lifetime exclusive event. It was announced on March 5th, and while the New Kids on the Block were getting ready to celebrate the release of the album “Ten”, BHs were working on an epic surprise: a full spread message of gratitude on Billboard magazine.

The Event

The New Kids on the Block shared, through their twitter account, every moment of the show.

8.23 ET. The show started with a video clip for “The Whisper” and then the guys showed up to begin the concert performing “We Own Tonight”.

8.41 ET. The guys sat down and told the Orpheum crowd the story of how they got to the album “10”

BHs Present the Billboard Ad

The moment to say “Thanks” arrived when BHs representing all of us, joined the New Kids on the Block on the stage to present them with the gift we had prepared through @NKOTBtenSurprise.

Photo by @ATL_ChandaKing

NKOTB Reactions

Joey McIntyre, quoting “5 Brothers and a Million Sisters” posted,

“Yet another uniquely special night for Block Nation “U build me up U make me high When I feel your love I wanna fly”#ThereAintNothinWeCantDo

Joey McIntyre, 3/30/13

Danny Wood wrote,

“Word can’t describe how grateful I am to all the BH’s out there!”

Danny Wood, 3/30/13