5 NKOTB Plans You Need to Know About

Donnie Wahlberg streamed live for the first time from the NKOTB App early on Sunday, and gave us wonderful news. A documentary, new music with great collaborations, Joey McIntyre on Blue Bloods and more!

Here are the top 5, in no particular order (and in case you’re wondering, you can still watch the live stream on the NKOTB App):

1. Moving on to the NKOTB App

Donnie began his live stream talking about NKOTB’s intention to begin using the app to connect, “to spend time together in a Blockhead friendly world.”

What’s coming next in the app?

  • The possibility to join NKOTB’s live streams (as we do on Instagram)
  • They’re going to slow down the comments (because they pop up faster than on Instagram)

And if you’re wondering about Twitter, “Don’t worry about Twitter”, Donnie clarified.

2. A Behind the Scenes Documentary and Something Else

NKOTB is going to release “hopefully before the holidays” a documentary that will take us behind the scenes of the Mixtape Tour. Donnie Wahlberg added that we may also have something else to watch.

3. Joey McIntyre on Blue Bloods

Since the fans loved Jordan Knight’s appearance on Blue Bloods so much, another New Kid was expected to be part of the cast of at least one episode.

Great news are Joey McIntyre has already met with the series executive producer. Stay tuned!

4. Intimate Deep Cut Shows

NKOTB “may be closer” to do shows like that; “not a tour, but something cool” in Donnie’s words. Wahlberg said, “Deep Cuts VIP Shows will happen, potentially in the spring, but definitely soon, not Donnie soon.”

5. Collaborations

“It’s already happening; I can’t say who. But I would say, the next album will have a lot of collaborations”, Donnie said.

And, What Else?

Touring With New Edition

“The ultimate dream would be to tour with New Edition”, Donnie said, “and I think that will happen in time.” Needless to say, touring with New Edition, doesn’t seem like something that’s going to happen any time soon. Donnie focused his talk about the band recalling the experience of performing with them at the AMA’s.

Donnie’s live stream is available on the NKOTB App.
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