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Find Your Bubblegum, Chew It and Make It Bigger. Do you have a childhood dream? Are you doing something for it? Do you realise how important it can be?

The Alpaca Whisperer Finally Has Alpacas To Whisper To. Four years ago a neighbour told him “they won’t come near you;” now he has two!

Where To Watch Farmhouse Fixer. Farmhouse Fixer is now available on multiple streaming services.

What’s Your Most Treasurable NKOTB’s Memorabilia? There’s one item among our collection of NKOTB memorabilia that has a special meaning, takes us to a special moment. What’s yours?

Mac World

Griffin McIntyre Shows Off His Dad’s Bubble Gum

“Does your dad has his own bubble gum?” asked Griffin on his IG Stories. Joey replied with a big smile and later he said, “And hey Griffin, that bubble gum is still so fresh that still goes POP!” which reminds us that…

Return Of The Mac Is Available on POP TV!

If you missed the series (the eight episodes of its only season), you can now stream it on Pop TV. Go for it!

Olivia Rodrigo’s All I Want

Joey McIntyre’s brain has been on fire listening to Olivia Rodrigo’s song “All I Want” (from the soundtrack of “High School Musical. The Musical”) The song is about a girl who can’t find love and wonders if there’s something wrong with her. Joey first shared on his IG stories that the song gave him the chills and brought tears to his eyes and then he discovered that Olivia is also who wrote it.

And Some Family Time Too!

What can be more perfect that to spend an afternoon on a gorgeous spring day at the Central Park? To do it with your family! (and Tulips; Joey has a thing for tulips; remember that?)

Farmhouse Fixer

Are you following and tagging @HTGV and asking for a second season of #FarmhouseFixer? This week they gave us three bonus pics of Jon with goats on their IG.

Wednesday was a bitter-sweet day; we had a Farmhouse Fixer marathon followed by the finale. Jon tweeted live and shared a preview of him getting the present he had been waiting for a long time… Alpacas!

On Saturday Jon said that Farmhouse Fixer was available on Discovery Plus but! We already knew that ?. So now we can officially thank Kristina Crestin for the heads up!


Listening to Music in 8D Audio, With Jon Knight

On Tuesday Jon asked on Twitter, “Has anyone listened to songs in 8D Audio? So trippy!!! Technology amazes me!”

It is trippy indeed. Producers are adding an effect to their music in the post production process; Man of Many gives a nice definition of it saying, “the 8D audio sound is created when an automated panning effect alternating from left to right is added to the final mix of a song.”

So, basically, when a song is available in 8D audio, you’ll hear the sound going back and forward between your ears.

Check out “10 Best 8D Audio Songs to Blow Your Mind” by Nick Hall.

Jimmy Constable (911) joins NHS during Covid-19 crisis

Former boy bander Jimmy Constable, is working on the NHS frontline driving ambulances during the coronavirus pandemic. Danny Wood gave us these news saying how proud he is, of his good friend, and shared an article from “The Hunts Post / UK” which covers Jimmy’s new heroic job.

But Jimmy didn’t quit music; he released a solo album, “Road to Evolution” on 2018. Check out his swing from pop to country music on Apple Music, and find him on Twitter @jimmyconstable.

Anniversary: I’ll Be Loving You Forever

On April 10, 1989, “I’ll Be Loving You (forever)” was released as the third single of the album Hangin’ Tough; as the New Kids On The Block said on the occasion of its anniversary, this was NKOTB’s first song to hit the #1 on the billboard charts, but for us BHs is so much more than that.

For many of us it was the soundtrack of our big entrance to our sixteen or quinceañeras birthday party, to our weddings… For me, it was about friendship; so I cut a scene that has a special meaning to me and I posted a little something on Instagram.

What does this song mean to you? Tell The Blog!

The Wood Works

The Wood Works Premiered Season 2 With Donnie Wahlberg as Special Guest

Without any break or time off, Danny Wood released the Season 2 of his show on You Tube on Tuesday, Apr 6. The day before he shared the teaser.

Watch the full episode: “A Conversation With Donnie Wahlberg

After the show, Danny and Donnie exchanged some tweets:

I have been so lucky and blessed to have Donnie Wahlberg as my best friend for over 45 years. I am so happy to have him on #TheWoodWorks and hopefully you will learn a few things about him…….

Danny Wood, Apr 6, 2021

45 years of friendship could never be fully explained in a 45 minute interview — but I def talk enough to give it a try! Love you my friend @dannywood! Thanks for having me on #TheWoodWorks Season 2 premiere!

Donnie Wahlberg, Apr 6, 2021

Love you to!!!

Danny Wood, Apr 6, 2021

After Dark and a Bonus Episode

On the same day of the premiered of “The Wood Works” Season 2, Danny streamed live an “After Dark” episode. He was happy to see that, for the first time, the questions fans were asking were more about his show than about the New Kids On The Block.

Before the live stream, Danny invited us to make with him homemade pasta.

Watch After Dark Episode | Homemade Pasta Bonus Episode

Working Out With Danny Wood

Danny Wood’s Workout Routine

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Friday | Saturday | Sunday (rest day)

Oh Captain, My Captain

Ivory Aquino on Blue Bloods

Filipina-American actress, Ivory Aquino, known for her role in ABC’s “When We Rise” (2017) as transgender activist Cecilia Chung, joined the cast of Blue Bloods on its #1111 episode which aired on Friday, Apr 9.

Ivory thanked the cast of show with a photo of Donnie and her, to which he replied: “Thanks for blessing us with your amazing talent. Such a great performance. Bravo!”

And… that’s a wrap! Did you send your wish this week? Here’s your ticket to the magic Dbox (you drop it there, and it comes true!)