NKOTB Weekly 21/01

2021 has finally arrived! Or should we say 2020 is finally gone? Either way, we’ve started the new year with plenty to share (even though we missed Jordan ????)

Starting this year, we’ll have weekly editions like this one, so you can catch up with our boys without missing a thing. + about the blog

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We began the first week of the year with a dose of motivation from Donnie and Jon. Donnie invited us to simply #wish on Monday, while Jon shared his thoughts on Instagram with a picture of shooting starts over the farm, saying,

“Shooting stars over the farm tonight! It’s been a crazy year in so many different ways for all of us. Here’s to a bright future on the horizon. We can only trust the universe, and know brighter days are ahead for 2021! Sending love to everyone, hang in there. Count the blessings despite the feeling of not having any lately.

Jon Knight, Dec 29, 2020

We have an InstaQuote to share 🙂

Donnie, retweeting a post from “2009” which read, “There is no questioning what is. It is. Plain and simple. Was I meant to be in your life? Apparently so… Because I am here with you”, added,

It was true in ‘09, and is true now. We are all connected. We are all together for a reason. I never question it, I always embrace it, I infinitely respect it and I will eternally cherish it. #BHLove is a #loveeternal ????❤️

Donnie Wahlberg, Dec 30, 2020

What to Watch, With Joe Mac

Joey is apparently educating his children on the nice old fashion style of comedy and chose to watch “Tommy Boy,” a movie from 1995, starring former Saturday Night Live castmates and friends Chris Farley and David Spade.

He mentioned that on Apple TV it was 3,99 to rent and 4,99 to buy! if you’re into it and you don’t have Apple TV, it’s also available on YouTube.

Working Out With Danny Wood

Check out the complete workout routine of Danny the past week on the next page.

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And… that’s a wrap!