NKOTB Weekly 21/02

It was a quiet week on the Block, except for some reactions to Jon’s tweets where he expressed his concerned on the current situation of US’ politics. But, we still got to watch Danny’s show with a very special guest, his son Daniel Jr! Joey shared a pic of Kira and a few thoughts, and the New Kids more photos for our collection.

Shall we catch up?

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On Other News

Joey’s New Year’s Resolutions

On Tuesday night, Joey made his first New Year Resolution on Twitter:

Just swore for the first time this year. Back on the wagon. #newyearsresolution

@JoeyMcIntyre, Jan 5, 2021

The next day, a fan replied to him “I mean, 5 days is impressive for going cold turkey on a nearly lifelong habit! Besides, I’m betting it was for a good reason.”, and he answered,

It was in anger ???? and I could spin that it was worth it but that gets back to how “bad language” is so prevalent now and that made me look at my choices.????????

@JoeyMcIntyre, Jan 6, 2021

Working Out With Danny Wood

Check out the complete workout routine of Danny the past week on the next page.

+ Danny

Danny honored his mother Betty, as he does every January 7, with a clip.

+ Donnie

Blue Bloods came back with a brand new episode

And, that’s a wrap!

Have a great week! ????