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Farmhouse Fixer

Jon Knight Cannot Wait for His Show to Air

Jon Knight’s Farmhouse Fixer is premiering on March 3, and we already got to watch a Sneak Peak of the show. On Monday night, he tweeted,

“How many times a day can I ask Siri “how many days till March 3rd” Farmhouse Fixer premier on @hgtv.”

Jon Knight

And on Sunday night, he did it again; he tweeted, “23 days till Farmhouse Fixer….. longest 23 days of my life.” Fair enough; we’ve been waiting for this for two years! In case you missed it, check out #FarmhouseFixer here at the blog.

Flipping Houses!

I say “I’m minimalistic” but, in all honesty, it’s mainly because all I can match is a black sofa with a white pillow (and black and white are not even colors!) Thus, just like Jon, I love watching shows where designers snap their fingers and turn a dusty old basement into a chick Manhattan’s loft. It’s like magic (actually, a lot of work I don’t have the patience for.)

Anyways, also on Monday, Jon Knight gave a shout out to Alison Victoria and Ty Pennington, both designers with shows on HGTV:

Love seeing @alisonvictoria3 on my TV tonight with @typennington! So many great designers on @hgtv doing amazing things!

Jon Knight, Feb 1, 2021

Alison renovates properties in Chicago on the the series Windy City Rehab and also hosts Kitchen Crashers.Ty Pennington (Do you remember him from “Extreme Makeover. Home Edition”? Love this guy!) hosts Ty Breaker with Alison, an eight-episode in which Ty “helps families struggling to make their homes work for their changing lives.”

By the way, Ty – on his website– mentions Wayfair as one of his resources; and let me tell you, I worked at a designer’s studio in Vegas (don’t even ask ??‍♀️) and I learned that it is truly a great website to find cool stuff at affordable prices.

In The Mac World

The Choice of Winning

On Wednesday, Joey shared a screenshot of the book he’s reading; “East of Eden,” written by Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck. Published in 1952. He highlighted a paragraph; take a look:

via IGS/ Joey Mcintyre

Then on Thursday morning, he was singing U2’s “Beautiful Day” in the Central Park… #enoughsaid

Joey also shared plenty of stories on Instagram, which are in our weekly gallery ☺️

Farewell Mr. Von Trapp

Canadian actor, Christopher Plummer, most known for this role in “The Sound of Music” died on Friday. Joey Mcintyre expressed his feelings with an emoji, retweeting a clip of Mr. Plummer.

Oh Captain, My Captain

We Miss You, Too!

Donnie Wahlberg is missing us, heavily and deeply; two weeks ago, he couldn’t help himself and said “Worldwide road trip — when this is over.” For this past Thursday Thoughts, he shoot a clip.

“He Tweeted Me Back!”

That moment when a New Kid answers something you wrote with all your heart… or shares a video you made! ☺️ (You save screenshots, don’t you)

In response to Donnie’s video, @Lbollay2 tweeted back, “You know this feeling is mutual. As soon as Covid is over. … stock up on vit c and get ready for A million hugs!!!!!”; and Donnie replied with a: “This.”

Plus, @UniqueNatasha08 showed some “Blue Bloods” love to Donnie with a video, which he loved! With exclamation mark!! Check it out!!!

New Kids On The Block: Miscelanea

New Kids On The Block Featured on Jeopardy (Once Again)

On Nov 6, 2015, the New Kids let us know there was going to be a “pretty awesome category” on Jeopardy that night; here’s the full board thanks to @onlyk8:

Via Twitter/onlyk8

Now, this Wednesday, it was about a trivia with a clue; the New Kids Tweeted: “We spy some Blockhead trivia tonight on @Jeopardy! Anyone else get this clue instantly?❤️ Thank you Alex Trebek for your lasting legacy ❤️”

Hit Me With Full Playlists

The New Kids On The Block made a playlist so we can find their complete collection on Spotify. Hashtag woo-hoo!

And, since we’re at it… Before Joey released “Own This Town” he took care of doing the same with his music. Joey McIntyre’s complete collection is available on Apple Music, Spotify and… you name it. You may ask, “Even One Too Many; 8:09; Talk To Me? Yes!

NKOTB History

On February 2, 1992, the song “If You Go Away” was released; eventually, it was included in the album “Face The Music” (1994) Video and Lyrics? Updated!

Wanna Play With the New Kids?

“Name that music video,” they tweeted; and I yelled, “One of those that were shoot black in white!” I’m sure you’ll remember which one it is. In case you missed the tweet, here it is so you can leave your answer:

On the Wood Works

On Tuesday, Danny cooked chicken in three different ways; you can find this 13th Episode on his YouTube Channel; but that’s not all! At night he went live for a 3rd Danny After Dark, which he had announced the day before.

Check out clip and Danny’s complete workout routine of Danny the past week on the next page.

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