NKOTB Weekly 21/12

“This week is a blockhead’s dream,” said the New Kids, and they weren’t wrong. The BH family is everywhere, so much that now we’ve got a new hashtag to use on social media

On Tuesday we watched Danny Wood on The Wood Works; on Wednesday, Jonathan Knight on Farmhouse Fixer and our sister Jenny McCarthy on The Masked Singer; on Friday, Country Comfort, featuring our nephew Griffin ☺️, premiered on Netflix and at night we had another episode of Blue Bloods with Donnie Wahlberg! And, let’s not forget that Donnie is also back on Sundays with “Very Scary People.”

Therefore! Without any further introduction, here’s what you saw and… (you know how it goes) what you may have missed!

Posts In This Edition

The Macs on St. Patrick’s Day. A whole day with Joey McIntyre and his family celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Griffin McIntyre on Country Comfort’s Premiere Party. Watch Griffin McIntyre talking about his music influences, balancing his life as an actor and his character Dylan in Country Comfort.

A Week in Donnie Wahlberg’s Life. Fun stories on DWair; celebrating Club Quarantine’s anniversary; the most candid words that will fill your heart with joy.

Heads Up: New NKOTB Masks Are Available

There’s a new batch of NKOTB Masks at iheartnkotb.com, and on Thursday Lori gave us some great news: more than a 100 masks and tumblers had been sold, raising over $2,800 Remember Betty.

On Other News

Happy Birthday, Maestro!

On March 17, Rob Lewis celebrated his birthday. Donnie wrote to him, “Happiest of Birthdays to my friend and brother for life — The Maestro @IAmRobLewis! Thanks for being a true confidant & collaborator. We’ve travelled the world, created magic, even been room mates together — so blessed to have a friend like you in my life!”

Later Joey added,

“Wait a minute!! One of my favorite ppl and the most loving talented MD ever, @IAmRobLewis’s BDay is on #StPatricksDay and I didn’t know it?? I always knew he was our lucky charm, but c’mon!! Love you, Rob. #MaDude. (ty Donnie for the heads up!!)”

Joey McIntyre, March 17, 2021

Congratulations Griffin!

Just like Jon had a red carpet for the premiere of Farmhouse Fixer, so did Griffin! The Macs set up an entrance with golden curtains, for the young start to celebrate the premiere of Country Comfort.

On social media, NKOTB, Jon and Joey expressed their enthusiasm:

“We spy a McIntyre! ???? Congratulations Griffin on today’s premiere of Country Comfort on @netflix! We’re tuned in ❤️” – NKOTB, March 19, 2021

“CountryComfort out Now!!! Starring my guy @thegriffinmcintyre. Today’s the day! Please enjoy this really fun, heartwarming new show on @netflixfamily #funny #music #singing #country #nashvillle #heart. PS- it’s starring a lot of other amazing people too ???” – Joey McIntyre, March 19, 2021

“Stayed up extra late last night to catch @thegriffinmcintyre on his new Netflix series…. Who else tuned in? That country twang is killing me. ? So proud of this young man! Go Griffin!!!” – Jonathan Knight, March 20, 2021

In The Mac World

Joey continued working on “feeling like a person” while we wait for some news about the tickets for #TheWonderer; but on Saturday he got a little more serious.

On Tuesday evening, we heard the news about the shootings at three Atlanta-area spas that left eight people dead. Joey wrote on Saturday night,

“Sending love and respect to all my Asian-American friends and especially our Asian-American blockheads. I’m LISTENING.”

Joey McIntyre, March 20, 2021

In The Farm

Are you Feeling Lost About Farmhouse Fixer Episodes?

Jonathan Knight on set of Farmhouse Fixer. March 16, 2021

They aired them out of order; that’s what happened. You can check out the full schedule at Farmhouse Fixer and join the blog’s fan page on Facebook at fb/farmhousefixer.blog.

Jon Knight’s Interview For Architectural Digest

In an interview with Architectural Digest, Jon talks about how his love for designing began; he says that at six years old he “was obsessed with circular barns,” how his dad Alan (being a carpenter) was an influence in his interest for architecture and he also mentions the summers he spent in Canada in a cottage built by his grandfather.

Actually, a few years ago, Jon shared two photos her mom had passed to him; back then he captioned them saying, “My Great Grandfather James Archibald Putman circa 1901. Now I know where my love for old barns came from….. and my great head of hair. “

It’s a very well written interview and we get to learn a lot about this other side of Jon’s life. Don’t miss it!

Special Guest: Max The Duck

When Jon asked on Twitter who we thought was going to show up on the fourth episode of Farmhouse Fixer (after having watched Jordan Knight on the previous one) some said, “your mom! Stella!” (I went for Stella)

Margaret Sommers nailed it with her answer; she said,

“The fact that we get see YOU each is just almost enough. Of course we could ALWAYS throw in any of the other guys (; extra credit for Jordan) and the night would be perfect but we understand if it is just you. Of course can we get some of @harcules30 appearance also?”

But, who appeared instead – making his debut on national television – was Max, one the three ducks Jon rescued from Wild Bird Fund in 2018. “Adopt or rescue a pet today!”, Jon said.

Wild Bird Fund, is New York City’s only wildlife rehabilitation and education center. If you find a bird or small mammal in need, please bring it in. They are open 10-6 daily. For more info, visit their official website at wildbirdfund.org. Find them on Twitter at @WildBirdFund.

Jon introducing Max. May 3, 2018

Home Again With The Fords, on HGTV

On Tuesday night, Jon said, “Today was a great HGTV day. It’s about to get even better. My favorite Family team is on next! @HeyLeanneFord and Steve Ford.”

Leanne is an interior designer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; her and Steve have a show on HGTV, “Home Again with the Fords” which you can catch on Tuesdays 9pm PST.

Visit leanneford.com for more info.

“Wish ??❤️?? love is real and it is eternal and it is forever. #believe #loveeternal #BHLove.”

– Donnie Wahlberg, March 21, 2021

The Wood Works

Danny Wood
Danny Wood on the set of The Wood Works. March 16, 2021

Danny Wood, after making us fall in love with his smile in his new profile picture, walked us through two recipes using salmon on the 19th Episode of “The Wood Works”; first he showed us a quick and easy way to make Crispy Salmon, and then a simple recipe for Baked Salmon. Watch the episode on YouTube at the woodworks/s1e19.

Danny Wood’s Workout Routine

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday
Friday | Saturday | Sunday (rest day)

Block Party

So… Who is Hannah? I am asking; I don’t have the answer! The New Kids kicked off the week on Twitter with a hilarious clip from this woman named “Hannah,” who shares what a “bring your Donnie Wahlberg” day at work is.

On Wednesday, the New Kids celebrated St. Patricks Day by sharing an old picture of the guys wearing Celtics t-shirt and jumping on stage.

New Kids On The Block on stage wearing Celtics t-shirts
Shared on March 17, 2021

On Thursday they brought back cruise memories… Could it be a hint? ?

And… that’s a wrap! Don’t forget to…