Team Farmhouse Fixer to Face New Challenge at the New HBO Max

As of May 23, HBO Max will be simply “Max” merging its content with Discovery +; and team Farmhouse Fixer, will face their upcoming challenge in this new streaming service.

We knew Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin were one of teams chosen for what is probably the funniest project they’ve ever worked on: “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.”

On HGTV’s upcoming show “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge”, the Farmhouse Fixer team is going to be one among others who will create a real Barbie house ahead of the Warner Bros’ upcoming film, “Barbie” featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

Only on cinemas, July 21, 2023

We also knew we were going to get the chance to stream it on Discovery +. But now, HBO Max subscribers will also be able to join the new adventure of team Farmhouse Fixer. Hashtag awesome!

The series “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge”, will be hosted by designer, author and entrepreneur Ashley Graham. It is set to premiere this Summer.

Among the stars that we’ll see on the show, are Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin (“Farmhouse Fixer”); Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle Williams (“Luxe for Less”, recent winners of “Rock The Block Season 4”); Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas (“Bargain Block”); and many more.

What Max Launch Means for Existing HBO Max Customers?

The platform will be available at, with new plans and prices. It promises to offer “an average of more than 40 new titles and TV show seasons every month” according to Variety.

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