Donnie Wahlberg ‘s BBTT: Bigger Boat this Time?

If you weren’t up past midnight, you may have missed Donnie Wahlberg’s stories saying goodbye – gratefully – to the 2021, and announcing a mysterious “BBTT Coming Soon 2022”

So the question is, what does BBTT stand for? BHs are already trying to figure it out; all hands in the deck! 😏

Lisa (@thelisacam) believes it could be “Bringing Back The Tushy,” and that is correct! Tushies are coming back on NKOTB’s Mixtape Tour 2022 and… tickets are still available!

Lori (@BlancoDiddy) had a few guesses; “Boy bands talk trash”; “Boston Boys throw tuna”; “Boybands, Blondies, Tight Tushies”. My ADHD brain is about to explode with all the punch lines I could write for these hilarious guesses but!… Let’s stay “focused”.

And Michelle (@MillyShel)…, she might have the best answer, “Bigger Boat This Time.”

Why We Could Expect a Bigger Boat This Time

On October I made may case on “Why We Could Expect an NKOTB Cruise Announcement Soon“, were I basically said the following: the New Kids On The Block went on tour and cruises since 2008 and 2009 (respectively) non stop until 2015; meaning, they used to do both things: jump on the cruise and go on tour, or vice versa.

In 2016, they took a break from touring; they did a show at Coney Island, the Mixtape Festival in Hershey and the New Orleans cruise; and in 2017, they resumed it all.

In fact, three of the latest cruises (which were “October Cruises”), were announced at the beginning of the year: the 8th cruise (2016) on Jan 25, the 9th cruise (2017) on Feb 28, and the 10th cruise (2018) on Jan 30.

Michelle might be right; but above all, because Donnie left one last hint.

Donnie Pointed Out the “Carnival Cruises”

Right after publishing the “BBTT Coming soon story”, Donnie posted another one; he filmed a clip of Rockin’ Eve where we can see the “Carnival Cruises” logo at the bottom of the screen; he pointed it out and shared it with the hashtag “Believe.”

To Bear In Mind

NKOTB cruises go on sale right after the announcement; so if you’re planning to get a spot, get ready “tomorrow.” The full NKOTB Cruise Guide will be back up and updated asap 😉.