Decoding BBTT: Take Two. With Featured Guest Donnie Wahlberg

What happened yesterday on Twitter, reminded me of the “Remix a New Kid” day; that spontaneous fun when we shut down the world and simply … have fun… Don’t you love it?

Donnie Wahlberg caught us trying to decode the meaning of BBTT and joined the conversation to guide us in our serious and committed task. 🤷🏻‍♀️

In case you missed it, the fun began here:

Here are some of the new guesses with Donnie’s opinion; plus, one that could be right, a TWUG alert, the “tuna thread”, and a response Donnie repeated twice and WHICH! could possible and probably lead us to the right answer.

New Guesses

Brenda: “Bigger Better Than That”

Donnie: “Than What? 🤣🤣🤣”

I’d say everything, because that’s what they do: they always go bigger. Every time I go to a special concert (such us the one at the Madison Square Garden in 2015, when Mark Wahlberg joined the guys on the stage; the Coney Island concert in 2016 when Tiffany came back), I wonder, “How are they going to top this?” And then, they do. I mean, Fenway park last year? The AMAs? C’mon! Brenda, I’m with you girl 👊🏻 #fistbump

@Imperial_Olord: “Backstreet Boys and Take That?”

Donnie: “Brilliant. But I wouldn’t spill that one 🤣”

Jessica: “Bring Back The Tushy”

Donnie: “#TUSHY but no.”

Thank goodness he included a photo to graphic his response…

Jodi: New song? 🤔

Donnie: BBTT does not abbreviate new song. 🤣

Stacie: “It is really hard to not use balls for a B”


I believe that Stacie could be a Danny’s girl; do you remember Danny’s first tweet? He said, “Now everyone can tweet my ballz!!!!” … Geez 🤦🏻‍♀️

Jenny: “Booty bopping totally together”

Donnie: “Fun. But no 🤣”

TWUG Alert!

Tabitha: “Bring Back Tuesday Twugs”

Donnie: “Not quite but you got a deal — TWUGS this week. Not sure if Tuesday but I’ll try.👍🏻”

This Could Be Right!

Jenny posted, “Boston Boybands Times Two”, to which Donnie replied, “Maybe 2023 for this one 😉”

This is a good one! During the AMAs rehearsals, Donnie Wahlberg, threw an #NEKOTB2023 in one of his IG posts, which leads us to hope for a new tour with New Edition.

The Tuna Thread

The big thread, started thanks to Lori (@BlancoDiddy) when she said, “We should make a thread of guesses of what BBTT stands for;” as you’ll see in the previous post (ICYMI), one of her guesses was “Boston Boys throw tuna”; I replied to her saying that was hilarious, and Donnie answered, “Who doesn’t throw tuna.”


That thread ended up being huge; so, check it out here.

That One Response

That was fun, right? Well, what if I tell you that Donnie’s first answer was:

“Boat thoughts. Like it”,

which! was in response to Kelly’s tweet that actually didn’t mention a boat at all:

“Boston Boys,Tacos & Tequila ( sounds like a dream to me)”

And later he said it again in response to Jasmine who had written, “Boy Band Tanks Tans”; he replied, “Boat thoughts. Not quite but I like 👍🏻🎉”

On a side note: Boyband is one word, sists!

That pretty much sums it up. What does BBTT mean? We shall wait and see…