Why We Could Expect an NKOTB Cruise Announcement Soon

Last night Danny Wood dropped a few bombs on his “After Dark” episode; new Solo Wood and NKOTB music are coming up, and so some special news. Now, can this news be about an NKOTB cruise?

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Donnie Wahlberg has been teasing for a while with an NKOTB cruise; in fact, after he posted “coming soon” on an IG story on Sep 8, we expected the announcement at the Kelly Clarkson Show, but that didn’t happen…

This past Monday, NKOTB recalled the day the NKOTB Cruise X sailed away three years ago, and then on Tuesday, Donnie shared an NKOTB cruise related post on IG ?

Now, is this enough to expect a cruise announcement soon? Maybe… So, let’s go deeper!

If we look at the dates in which the past four cruises have been announced… that’s another story ?

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The last four cruises sailed on October, and they were announced:one, on November of the previous year; and three, on Jan-Feb of the same year. Now, do you think we can expect an announcement soon?

Bear in mind that the cruises are sold two days (usually) after they’ve been announced; so if it’s in your plans to sail, start getting ready now. The presale, unlike the tours, are two: one for Block Nation, and another one (the next day) for past cruisers.

Well, I believe I’ve made my point. House mortgage, coming right up!