Is NKOTB’s New Album Coming Sooner Than We Expect?

Danny Wood has been saying for a while (on “The Wood Works’ After Dark” episodes) that the New Kids On The Block are working on new music, leading us to believe that NKOTB’s new album is in the making; but having seen Donnie Wahlberg last night in the studio … it actually takes me back in time…

Do you remember this photo?

Donnie Wahlberg in the studio
Donnie Wahlberg on Twitter, Nov 7, 2017

That was the last one of a series of “New Kids in the Studio” taken while the guys were recording the EP “Thankful (Unwrapped)” which was release less than a month after this picture was posted.

Back in September 2017, Joey posted on Instagram that he was “thinking dramatically of the next lyrics;” then on November 2, that series of selfies started to rain: first Jordan, then Danny and finally Donnie.

About Last Night

Two things.✌🏻

First, in case you missed it…

Feb 6, 2022

Now tell me, doesn’t it take you back?

So, yes; seeing Donnie Wahlberg in the studio makes me feel as excited as you’re probably are right now, but my hyperactive brain – above all – is doing maths:

“If the last photo in 2017 was posted on Nov 7, and the EP was released on Dec 1… Could we have NKOTB’s new album sooner than we expect?”

Second…, and in case you missed it too, Donnie replied to a comment with a “BBTT”

How is your heart rate now?