Griffin McIntyre Sings With LeAnn Rimes, In a Country Comfort Sneak Peek

I am pretty sure the first rule on blogging and SEO is, “do not start a post with a gif, ‘cos Google won’t like it,” but I am so blown away by the Sneak Peek that: “I do not care, Google!”

Seriously, I am SO IN! Of course I was before! It’s Griffin! It’s Katharine McPhee! But…

Oops, I did it again ??‍♀️

First thing’s first! If you missed yesterday’s morning briefing, mark your calendar for this Saturday, March 13. Joey and Griffin will stream live from Instagram to talk about Country Comfort at 7PM ET.

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“Must Know First” Snack

I think about 2nd gen BHS watching the clip (wait for it), listening to the words “Coyote Ugly” and picturing an awful movie about coyotes turning into zombies; no? Ok…? Either way, here it goes: In 2000, a movie rocked every girls’ world: “Coyote Ugly,” which is about a female singer with stage fright, who starts working at a bar and meets a boy who helps her with her fear. Must watch for your Pop Culture education!

The movie had a soundtrack… and LeAnn Rimes (who’s married to Eddie Cibrian, the “dad” in Country Comfort) performed three songs of that original soundtrack; among those songs we’ve got: “Can’t Fight the Moonlight.” (Here’s a link so you can listen to it on Apple Music)

Snack time is over. Moving on!

A Golden ET Exclusive

In an exclusive clip by ET, we can watch the cast of Country Comfort – with Griffin on the piano! – singing “Can’t Fight the Moonlight,” with the special appearance of LeAnn Rimes.

Now, watch it and tell me if you would have started this post with other thing than a huge…

(you’ll be redirected to ET)