Joey McIntyre Live (Part 2) Griffin in Nashville and Debbie Gibson’s New Video

After chatting with Cynthia, Joey talked to Eloise from Nashville; they chatted about the current situation, Griffin’s upcoming show on Netflix and Debbie Gibson’s new video and more.

In-N-Out or McDonalds? What’s your poison? Joey begins this second part mentioning his kids might get mad for his choice, and also giving a shoutout to the people of Nashville hoping they’re recovering.

Then he talks to Eloise, a nurse from Nashville area; she says so far they didn’t have any case of coronavirus in the area she’s living; her family hasn’t been tested yet and some of the churches don’t have services on Sundays.

As a big fan of Debbie Gibson, Eloise talks about Joey’s and Debbie’s duet during the Mixtape Tour and encourages him to share (like Jon and Donnie did) Debbie’s new video – “Girls’ Night Out” – which is climbing the charts this week.

Joey McIntyre With a Message of Hope. “It’s Instinctual to Check In”

In this last part, Joey says he’s feeling good and talks about how stress can work against us; he shares his worry about the people who have lost their jobs and send a message a hope.

“My Heart and Prayers and Thoughts Go Out to Everybody Who Are Really Hit Hard By This”