Joey McIntyre Live Stream: A Little Bit of Everything

Joey McIntyre went live this afternoon to check in and talk about all the things that have been going on and to answer fans’ questions.

After dropping off his kids like an “Ubber dad” he streamed live from his car while he was waiting for his wife Barret, who was shopping in Bloomingdales.

It can be very hard to focus on what he is saying when his his eyes pop up from the screen like headlights, so here’s a quick recap.

Where is Joey McIntyre Now?

Joey McIntyre still is New York, and he has plans to meet Debbie Gibson in LA next week (and also to go golfing). His daughter Kira finished her last day of school on line, and he mentions he’ll post about just like he posted about Griffin.

More dates for the Vegas residence!

Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson have added four more shows, by popular demand, for September. Tickets are on sale!

About the song “Lost In Your Eyes. The Duet”, which they have just released on June 4, he’s happy about it; he asked the fans for their opinion but added, “as we know, in life the most important opinion is our own.”

New Kids On The Block Announced Another Concert!

And this one is gonna have Meet And Greets! The New Kids On The Block are going to play two days before the concert at Fenway Park, with special guest Salt N Pepa, and Meet And Greets will be available on Saturday, June 12.

Fan Questions

Joey took questions from fans from all over the world; New York, Australia, Turkey, Sweden, Brazil! Here’s what he said.

When is he coming to Spain?

He “reminded” his wife they’re moving to Spain in ten years. This story comes from 2019 when he went on a second honey moon with Barrett to Spain and absolutely fell in love with the country. So, they would be moving to Spain in eight years! ☺️

Also, he mentioned (around min 5) that he saw an old tour list from 91-92 and he didn’t know they had played in Madrid back then. He says, “I thought we just went to Spain in like 94; and I remember everything…”

Coming to Irland?

He says he will.

NYC or LA?

Tough question! He says, “right now I’m kind of looking forward to sitting in my backyard for three hours a day and still getting stuff done.”

Did You Hear the New Remix to Peaches?

He asked himself this question actually. Justin Bieber, a couple of days ago, dropped “Peaches” Remix, featuring Snoop Dog, Usher and Ludacris. Joey said Griffin have played the song for him today and that we must check it out. So, here it is!

Will He Join Tick Tock?

Nope! If he didn’t join to win the boyband challenge… he won’t do it now…

He also mentions he’s never been on Facebook, so here’s a nice opportunity to bear in mind that on Facebook is coming from this blog and not from him ?

Why Doesn’t He Follow People On Social Media?

He says, “I’m wired in a certain way; it’s not for lack of love.”

Which is One Of Joey McIntyre’s Favorite Tours?

The European Tour in 2014… when they got “intimate”. Do you remember that one?

Anyways, that pretty much sums it up! Now you can enjoy the live stream and get lost in his eyes ?