Jordan Knight Tells You Everything You Need To Know About NKOTB’s Album “10”

Jordan Knight took over NKOTB’s twitter account, to answer questions from fans regarding the New Kids On The Block album “10”, which is going to be released on April 2.

(*) The following are all the questions and answers posted on @nkotb’s twitter account. Some of the answers were published in different tweets due to their length; these have been edited as one for a better readability. The conversation started with a question from @linniejenkins.

What can we expect at the Record Release party?

Jordan: 5 guys, 2,000 girls, laughs, music, a tiny bit of dancing, full band… Q and A, and TEN!!!

Which songs are you most excited to perform live?

Jordan: I haven’t thought about that too, too much, we are still shaping up the set list…. anything new from the album will be fun!

Why did you guys decide to call the new CD 10?

Jordan: Well…. we were stuck on names..and Donnie counted up studio albums that we’ve released including greatest hits, including this one equals

What do you look most forward to on the newest tour?

Jordan: Hopefully this will happen, but I’m gonna try to drag Dante out for a week or 2, and hang with him on the bus… he’s 13 now..maybe not! lol

What was the biggest inspiration for the new album?

Jordan: Not to sound took corny but you guys were a big inspiration.. we didn’t have major label pressure to do certain sounding songs, and there wasn’t a commercial need to put special guests… so we just brought it aaallll the way back home and sang songs from the heart..songs we know you guys would really love to hear..

How did you decide on the artwork for the album?

Jordan: Most good art is a mistake it seems…. we did lots of setups through the shoot day…, lots of inside stuff… At the end of the day, before we had to leave we wanted to go outside for a few quick shots… We did some fun “junkyard shots”, and as we were heading back to get changed the photographer said “STOP”…we stopped right before the puddle that you se in the artwork….. presto.. we have ourselves an album cover! us plus our shadows in the water = 10, TEN, X !!!

What song took the most time to record?

Jordan: hmnn….. maybe “Survive You”… we wanted to include everyone and when that happens ya want to find the best part for that particular voice…lots of harmonies in that song as well…plus we were all crying in the studio together … it was a bad scene…lol

What could we find in your dressing room?

Jordan: Naked New Kids!! #nostaches

What was the hardest thing about this new album?

Jordan: I’ll speak personally… the flights! I was flying in on Friday to LA, and leaving on red eyes Sunday night… it wasn’t easy and I missed a bunch of my sons hockey games… which I didn’t like, but, the music was so exciting it eased the pain!

How do you choose which songs make it to the album?

Jordan: It’s really whatever song brings out the most emotion…, and we also vote… it’s quite a process actually… you could do a whole reality/drama show on it! lol

What was the vibe having all of you in the studio again?

Jordan: It was cramped! small studio! With technology they keep getting smaller…!!

Are there any tracks on the album 10 that we wouldn’t expect to hear from NKOTB?

Jordan: Hmn… well, maybe “jealous” and “crash”, both go deep in their respective genres…whatever that means… lol

Is there going to be a cruise next year?

Jordan: If you are there WE are there!!! Guess what we’ll be singing? 10, TEN , X!!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the #10DELUXE photobook. Thank you! *trying to pick a fave*

Jordan: It must be the one of me right *blushing*

Is Jonathan singing a solo part on NKOTB10?

Jordan: He has some solo parts yes!!!

To wrap it up, Jordan Knight posted,

“ok, that was shameless yet fun. OK, guys I’m taking off… it was fun today chatting with you! See you all at the Orpheum, on the boat, on Tour or all 3!!!”

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