When Can We Expect the NKOTB Cruise 2024 Announcement?

Many BHs haven’t made it home yet, after the latest NKOTB cruise, but since Danny opened the question about the NKOTB cruise 2024, that is all we can talk about!

Yesterday the NKOTB cruise 2023 arrived to the port of Miami, after four nights of music, new friends, countless anecdotes, fun, selfies and BHs dancing and singing with the New Kids On The Block.

While Joey posted almost immediately that he was going to pick up his children from School, Danny waited until today to share his memories on his Instagram Stories. And the BH buzz began the moment we saw the story Danny had chosen to close those series of photos:

A look into the future, wondering about the NKOTB cruise 2024.

2024 is going to be a touring year for the New Kids On The Block, so the NKOTB cruise would have to sail previously in May, or after the tour and a few months of rest (October cruises)

October cruises, have been announced in January and February of the same year, except for the NKOTB cruise 2015 that was announced earlier in November of the previous year.

The NKOTB cruise 2023, was announced on Monday, March 6. But Donnie began teasing about on February.

So, now you’ve got an idea. If the next cruise is not announced in the following weeks, we can cross our fingers and get ready for January and February.

Get ready! The NKOTB cruise usually goes on sale the same week of the announcement. Check out the NKTOB cruise 2023 prices to plan your trip 😉