Why We Could Expect a Cruise Announcement Soon

On Friday, Jonathan Knight reposted an Instagram Story regarding the NKOTB cruise, and I honestly didn’t think we could expect a cruise announcement soon until I woke up to see what Donnie had been reposting since Saturday night.

As I mentioned a couple of years ago, “October cruises” have been announced mostly on January and February. Even the NKOTB cruise 2022, was announced for Valentine’s Day. But this year we could have a glorious exception.

On Friday, Jon reposted a story from @melanie.bw, where she had added herself to an NKOTB group picture captioning it “me on the next NKOTB cruise”. On his repost, Jon added, “Let’s do it 💃🏻”

I honestly thought that with the BlockCon event that is going to last a weekend, a cruise couldn’t be also in NKOTB’s plans for this year. But apparently, I was wrong. (Let’s hope I was… for the first and last time 🥴)

On Saturday, before midnight, @dw_bandw posted a photo of Donnie on a cruise captioned “#manifesting”, which Donnie reposted with a huge “#Manifestation” above.

And so, it began. Donnie’s second story, had the prompt “Post a cruise photo you took”…

… and he commenced reposting all the ones BH had begun sharing. Here are a few…

By 3.15am EST, Donnie Wahlberg had posted 91 stories, plus one; this one: #wish

With a million sisters manifesting, I believe this is happening. Do you?