Please Note: The information you’ll se bellow, corresponds to the NKOTB Cruise 2020. If a new Cruise is announced and something changes, this page will be updated.

There are two groups of cabins (and many categories)

What makes the difference between these two groups, is that:

  • the first one, doesn’t have reserved seats for events in the main show lounge; the second one, does. (but, as you’ll see below, “reserved” seats means actually “great seats”.
  • Plus, the amount for the deposit and 2nd payment differs.

Here’s the Payment schedule for the NKOTB Cruise 2020.

Payment SheduleGroup 1Group 2
(reserved seats)
At time of reservation: the deposit$ 500$ 700
December 15, 2019: 2nd Payment$ 700$ 1200
February 15, 2020: Final PaymentFinal balance

Reserved Seats Means “Great Seats”

You’ll always have a seat at the events in the theater (concert and game shows); “reserved” means you’ll get seats in the first 14, 6 or 2 rows, or in the front row.

The one exception was the NKOTB cruise 2020, that offered – after the general sale – “LE cabins”, which didn’t have access to the events in the theater.

You Can Split Your Payments

After booking your spot by paying the deposit, you can continue paying per month as much as you can and wish. Just make sure to make the deadlines; for instance:

Payment SheduleGroup 1Group 2
(reserved seats)
At time of reservation: the deposit$ 500$ 700
Pay every month until reaching ->
Or pay in full the 2nd Payment on December 15, 2019 ->
$ 700$ 1200
Pay every month until reaching ->
Or Pay in full the Final Payment (,on February 15, 2020)
Final balance
IMPORTANT: Your must add to the “total amount” the additional charges

NKOTB Cruise 2020 Prices

Cabin prices are listed below. Remember to add $ 349,00 (Additional Charges)

Your total would be: the cabin price (which is per person, plus additional charges $ 349,00)

Note: Click on a list to see full size. Please do not share these lists on social media; these were made to give you a better understanding; prices may change. Share the link to this page instead.

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