Get Ready To Book

1. Get a RoseTours Account in Advance

There’s a lot of information to fill in, and you’ll need to be logged in the moment the sale goes on. You can register at

2. Does Having a Block Nation membership or being a past cruisers, secures a spot during the pre-sale?

No… It gives you a good advantage, but it won’t secure you a spot.

You can join Block Nation here; you’ll get an exclusive Block Nation member gift and so many benefits!

3. How Can I Get More Chances to Secure a Cabin?

Timing! Log into to Rosetours before the sale begins

Browers: I’d suggest you to use a computer (not a phone) and to use Chrome or Firefox (I’ve had plenty of issues with Safari and I’ve read nightmare tales about whatever it comes with Windows these days) 

Have in mind a few cabins: Cabins go fast before your eyes. Have a few choices written down just in case the one you want disappears before you can book it.

Plus, everybody wants to be on deck 7 or 6, so if you really want a chance to secure a spot, even if you’ve got have the money, I’d say choose a lower deck.

Talk to your bank! Let your bank know you’re going to make this purchase, specially if you’re going to pay with VISA; it has happened to me and others that VISA blocks the payment for “your” security. So, give them a heads up!

Guide to NKOTB Cruise 2023