Theme Nights 2023


Dress to impress, on the traditional formal night, but do so in honor of THE BLOCK!  Go original version with burgundy & orange or go deluxe with navy & royal blue!  Go all out or simply add a splash of the colors of the iconic album covers from The Block!


Due to popular demand (after NKOTB’s iconic Houston Rodeo appearance) there was no choice but to bring the cowboy & cowgirl energy back to the cruise!  So round up your posse, and get ready to save a horse, as we ride with our favorite cowboys!


This is the night to really show off that amazing Blockhead creativity!  Recreate, or celebrate, any album cover of any musical genre, in any way that you want.  Grab four BH friends and recreate the Hangin’ Tough?  Put on a white suit and grab a stuffed kitty cat and do THRILLER?  Be as creative, or as simple, as you want.  It’s Halloween night meets a celebration of the music of our lives!


No theme brings NKOTB and BHs all together more than the annual GPS party!  Show off where you are from — while showing off what makes us all one!  It’s a cruise tradition that only gets better!

Guide to NKOTB Cruise 2023