Theme Nights

Theme Night 1: Love Eternal

“We haven’t been at sea together for a very long time. At long last, it’s time for a formal opening night party like no other! So what better than a party that celebrates LOVE! Dress to impress, but add some red (or a little pink), as long as it celebrates the eternal magic of BLOCKHEAD LOVE!” – NKOTB

Theme Night 2: Bring Back The Time

“Sure, we’ve done the 80’s before. But not like this! We had soooo much fun making the video for Bring Back The Time, that we want to keep the fun going with our Blockhead Family! Salute your favorite 80’s song, artist, celebrity, music video, gadget, gizmo, TV show, movie — whatever! From the Rubiks Cube to MTV on the tube! Just make it 80’s and make it BIG!” – NKOTB

Theme Night 3: Halloween Harbor

“Just off the shores of Half Moon Cay, we will celebrate the Halloween Holiday! Dress up in whatever you want — just as long as you take it there! Tricks and treats of all kinds are welcome! From scary, to sexy! Fun, to funky! You can even spruce up some old NKOTB swag and be a kid again, or take advantage of that “roaring 20’s” outfit you made but doesn’t have a home anymore!” – NKOTB

Theme Night 4: GPS

“To coin a phrase from the MixtapeTour 2022 “we missed you soooo much”. We missed you so much that we want to see you and celebrate you! Represent your hometown, home city or home country — however you want and like NEVER before! This is always a special night, but after all these years, let’s make it even more special! Fly those flags high, on GPS NIGHT we celebrate you!” – NKOTB

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