How to Book

Booking for one, for two or more? Can I upgrade? Take a look.

Booking Overview

a) Booking for One

You know this by now; if you travel alone, you can:

  • get a single cabin (where there’s only gonna be you) or,
  • join the match program (where you’ll be placed in a double cabin with another person of your same sex)

b) Booking for More than One

If you travel with company,

  • one of you must make the booking for everyone, and
  • everyone needs to have a rosetours account.

Only one guest needs to make the booking. When booking, you must put in the first name, last name and email of your traveling partners in order for them to be placed in your reservation

c) Upgrading/Downgrading (Eventually, If Needed)

Upgrades are taken on a per reservation basis, if there is availability in the room and for the event itself. Downgrades are prohibited. No Downgrade request will be taken

Booking: Step By Step

Overall, the process to book is as follows. You’ll be prompt, screen by screen, to answer to the following:

1. Pick Your Occupancy

Choose if it’s going to be just you, or if you are booking for up two, three or four guests in one cabin.

If you’re traveling alone, choose “1” and then on the next screen you’ll have the chance to:

  • select the match program, or
  • a single cabin just for you

If you’re traveling with friends, chose how many. Only one person can make the booking for everyone.

Next, the system will show you another screen with the list of categories available at the moment.

2. Pick Your Category

A list of categories will show up; choose the one you want.

3. Pick Your Cabin

A list of available cabins, from the categories you’ve chosen, will show up; choose your cabin #number.

4. Review and Check Out

At this point, you’d have reached a summary, and you’ll see your name, your e-mail, the cabin you selected and its amount, the taxes.

From this point on, you’ll have ten (10) minutes to complete the booking.

5. Fill in With Some info (guests, dining and comments)

This moment is important if you’re booking for you and your friends:

  1. you must have to fill in their names, last names and e-mails, exactly as they’ve written it in their Rose Tour accounts.
  2. you’ll have a dropdown list to select early or late dinner.
  3. Finally, you’ll have a comment box where you can leave special requests.

6. Choose Who is Going to Pay for What

We said that you pay’ll for your bed in the cabin, but here you have the chance to select to pay for your companion as well.

You’ll have the two options clearly on the screen: whether you

  • will be 100% responsible, or
  • will split equally the total amount (which means, each one will pay for their own bed plus taxes)

7. Payment Deposits

In this screen, you’ll select your payment plan (Do you remember?):

  1. Pay the entire amount now
  2. Pay according the “Payment Schedule Plan”
  3. Pay according the “Monthly Plan”

Remember that you can deposit payments, as much as you can and wish, between the deadlines.

8. Confirm Your Guest Information

This information is pulled from your account, and your friends’ accounts (if you’ve written them correctly on step 5) You’ll just need to confirm to get to the next screen.

9. Read and Agree to Terms and Conditions

10. Process the Payments

Again as long as you entered your and your friends’ name, last names and email as it is on yours and their accounts, the Credit Card info will securely populate so you can process the payments.

There is space for the 3 digit security code, but it is not required to process the payment.

11. Receive Your Confirmation

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