NKOTB on GMA to Announce Upcoming Tour

“Tune in to Good Morning America this Monday for some big news!”, the New Kids On The Block said.

What Do We Know?

Is Big Time Rush Going to Join NKOTB on the 2024 Tour? 7/17/23

Updated 2.20PM ET

BHs always find something else, “something else” (shout out to Joe Mac for making 34 out of the 50 concerts he hoped to give)

Stacy (@treasure_nkotb), found something very interesting…

July 3rd is indeed too late.

A tour usually begins on May, and lasts until the end of July or first days of August.

A while later, Jenny (@ElphieAna) checked again, and shared a screenshot with more info:

The event has been deleted.

So now, we wait…

Thank you Stacy and Jenny!