NKOTB: Let The Games Begin!

August 25th. The New Kids On The Block posted on social media, “17”, and nothing else. What does it mean? Let the games begin!


We know the guys have been working to re-issue the album “The Block”, on the occasion of its 15th anniversary”. And, we also know that this new record is expected to have unreleased material.

NKOTB to Re-Issue “The Block” With Unreleased Material (May 27, 2023)

Hence this clue might have to do with one simple fact: if we count the thirteen (13) tracks the “The Block” has, plus the five (5) bonus tracks in total (for the US and Delux editions), that gives us a total of 18.

Now, those eighteen minus “One Song” = 17 😜

The Block’s Bonus Tracks

Close To You (#14 iTunes; #14 US Bonus track)

One Song (#14 Deluxe Edition; #15 US Bonus track)

Don’t Cry (#15 Deluxe Edition)

Officially Over (#16 Deluxe Edition)

Looking Like Danger (#17 Deluxe Edition)

Plain And Simple? “This Week”

Monday, August 28. The New Kids On The Block posted, “Donnie Wahlberg is ready to make this week incredible. Who’s with him?

The Dirty Dancing Scene

Tuesday, August 29. NKOTB posted two versions of the most epic “Dirty Dancing” scene…

… which leads us to think they are absolutely including this moves in their upcoming tour, and they need seventeen days to get a proper health insurance that would cover BHs’ wildest expectations.

New Kids On The Block and Seventeen

Aug 30. The cat is out of the bag