NKOTB Weekly 21/09

How was the ninth week of this 2021 for you? At the blog, I’d say we had an emotional one. We had stories of courage coming from “us” (you and me); we sighed with Jon and Harley in the celebration of their 13th anniversary together and – besides stories, clips and fun – we wrapped it up with Donnie sharing a selfie with Alma ?

A Note

On Tuesday, on the anniversary of the release of “2 In The Morning,” I was honestly very inspired by the courage Joey showed when he posted his texts; so that morning I just started sharing a part of my story with you, about domestic abuse and trauma. I mentioned I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time at my other blog, but I never knew how.

Many brave hearts shared their own stories on Facebook and then I realized, “this is why I couldn’t do it before, because I didn’t have you;” this blog has become more than a fun place to catch up with the New Kids …or to run away horrified when Danny talks about pubic hair when he cooks! It has become a safe place as well… and I feel we’re writing it together ?

So once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and…, without any further introduction, here’s what you saw and what you may have missed!

Posts In This Edition

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Two In The Morning. One At Dawn. On the occasion of the release anniversary of NKOTB’s “2 In The Morning,” we reflected on how some relationships are not meant to be and can harm us #girltalk #domesticabuse

5 Times Jon Knight and Harley Rodriguez Made Us Fall In Love; Believe in Love; Feel the Love. Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez are celebrating the anniversary of the date they met, thirteen years ago.

Quick Heads Up!

  • Remember Betty’s Teams have brand new logos! Reach out to them on Twitter or Instagram, and find a team near close to you if you’d like to join one.

In The Mac World

Joey’s been quiet this week, probably because he’s rehearsing for #TheWanderer? He shared four stories on Instagram: loving a rainy day in the city, on Monday; and then on Wednesday: complaining about NYC’s traffic, cherishing the good weather and the chance to go out for a run again, and celebrating his dog Duncan’s birthday with the cutest photo.

He also mentioned on his Stories he was reading a new book, Macbeth (by William Shakespeare); so, picture an image of the cover with the book with the caption “new book” ?

Meanwhile, In The Farm

Jon posted three photos on Instagram (which you can see in the gallery along with his captions) but what stroke us the most was the interview he gave for People Magazine in which he shared how he has been planning the wedding! Did you miss that? ?

Behind the Scenes of Farmhouse Fixer

He also posted a clip of Stella collaborating with the farm ☺️

Jon Knight About Marrying Harley Rodriguez

We know they’ve been engaged for years; do you remember when Jon told Jenny McCarthy how he proposed? Then a few years went by and on 2019 Harley said they were “trying not to rush things;” and since then… nothing, until now ?

At an interview with People Magazine, Jon says that they were planning to get married “on the farm this year under a tent and then have the ceremony in our barn;” they had everything planned, but then – as we know – the world stopped due to the pandemic. Now they don’t know whether to elope or to wait for a couple of years and have a nice celebration with their families.

Block Party

How did the New Kids On The Block Got Their Name?

The New Kids kicked off the week on Monday, by sharing a clip from a trivia they played in 2019 and asked us, “Now you know how NSYNC got their name but do you know how we got ours?” They also retweeted the answer:

This was highly enlightening for me, because I thought it was Doda & JoJoJo… I guess I need to read more about this band if I’m going to continue writing this blog ? (but, seriously, if there was a KC & JoJo, couldn’t have been a Doda & JoJoJo? No? Ok… ?) Moving on!

BTW: the whole trivia is super fan and we get to learn a lot about pop culture. If you’d like to watch it and test your 80s/90s knowledge, check out Ultimate 90’s Trivia With New Kids On The Bloc (Feb 6, 19)

NKOTB’s Flash Backs

On Wednesday the guys shared on Twitter a photo of Danny and Donnie at a Celtics game, with the caption “Brothers from another mother;” and I remember that pic…

@donniewahlberg Almost 45 years of friendship and we are still making memories! From Dorchester to @bankerslifefieldhouse @celtics vs @pacers I am so #thankful to call you my #bestfriend And to think @nkotbwill be back in this arena in a couple weeks for #mixtapetour #bhlove” – Danny Wood, Apr 19, 2019

… I remember the story behind that photo. Those two, right before the rehearsals for the Mixtape Tour started (2019), sneaked of and jumped into Donnie’s private plane (aka, DWair) with a bottle of Whisky for Donnie and some beer for Danny, to get to Indiana to attend the game. Hashtag how-about-that!

For the #TBT, they shared one where they look so, SO, young … Have you EVER seen this one? ?

I know… You had it on your wall! On your binder! Behind your door!…

Finally on Friday, they posted a clip (from a very cool interview at Build Sessions) where Jordan tells a fun anecdote about their days on the School bus and how Donnie used to make everybody sing on their way to school (and back!)

Oh Captain, My Captain

So… you opened Twitter on Thursday night (way late at night, ET time) and you read…

“To the worldwide #Blockhead family — and to anyone else who happens upon this tweet — hoping you are ok. You are loved. #SpreadLoveAndLoveWillSpread

Donnie Wahlberg, Feb 25, 2021

… I know… ?… And it came with a selfie!

Then on Saturday, he brightened our day with two stories: a selfie in the set of Blue Bloods and something we’ve been waiting for a long time, Alma ?.

The Wood Works

On the 16th Episode of The Wood Works, Danny cooked “Betty’s Cinnamon Roll Cookies,” which are made with “Betty’s Pie Crust” (so you gotta make the pie first)

For Danny’s workout routine, check out the following tweets!

Remember When

  • on Feb 23, 2009, the New Kids released “2 In The Morning” as a single for their album “The Block” (2008) At that link you’ll find the official video, backstage interview and a gorgeous performance at AOL sessions. (see NKOTB’s tweet of the day if you missed it)
  • on Feb 26, 1991, the New Kids performed at Arsenio Hall for the second time. A high quality of the video is at the Live Stream of the Holiday Potluck. (at the post you’ll find links to jump straight to the performance)
  • on Feb 27, 2013. “Boston Finest” premiered on TV (and… I’ll import those posts from the previous host asap; I’m still updating the blog, you know… ‘cos something is coming ?)

And… that’s a wrap! Don’t forget to…