NKOTB Weekly 21/16

Alma left us on Sunday, and everything that happened over the week seems so shallow… I keep thinking about Joey and Griffin playing golf with Donnie on Saturday, and how our lives often change in the blink of an eye, leaving us stunned… feeling we’re suddenly in a surreal world…

But, that’s life… And for those of us who remain on this world, there’s nothing left but to carry on.

Donnie said on Twitter, “She was always an angel! Now she has her wings.” And I think… “Oh, Lord;” as in, “poor Good.” Because I can picture her sitting at God’s desk (in my mind, He has a very messy office) and saying, “The wings? Yes, of course I’ll take them; but, have you seen what your children are doing down there!? And have you seen what I did for mine!?”

She had a great sense of humor and the biggest heart; she was “the” role model as a woman, as a mother; she was a force of nature and she’ll remain being one. We’re energy and energy never dies… it simply transforms… So, yes… That’s what I believe it’s happening in Heaven these days: God is being schooled.

This one’s for Alma. Rest In Peace gorgeous.

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Mac World

On Wednesday Joey left us a Tweet saying, “Miss you guy”, and later that day we saw him walking with Kira in NYC.

“Not a bad day. #nyc #daughter #dad #walk #grateful (She was telling me about the poem she’s writing in school about nature ?)” Joey McIntyre, Apr 14, 2021

Then on Saturday, thanks to Griffin, we saw they had been playing golf with Donnie.

Farmhouse Fixer

On Tuesday Jon shared proudly how his godson, Luca, is turning into a young man. Then the next day we learned he had been taking some time off; he tweeted:

So tonight ends my vacation…. thanked my server tonight by saying… “thank you for coming into my life these past 4 days, and bringing me joy… “I wish you happiness and health in your future life if our paths don’t cross again” think he was blown away!!! #Loveyourneighbour

Jon Knight, Apr 14, 2021

Remember Betty

For a new fundraiser, Danny Wood offers us the chance to win some of the kitchen tools he uses at “The Wood Works” plus an exclusive (and very cool) NKOTB oven mitt, signed by him.

Head over to the Fundraiser’s Page and make your donation.
Deadline to Enter: 05/01/2021 8:00 PM (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

The Wood Works

On the second episode of The Wood Works (S2 E2) Danny taught us how to make basic biscuits.

Danny Wood’s Workout Routine

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Friday | Saturday |

On Sunday Danny lifted his hands in prayer for Alma

Remember When

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