NKOTB Weekly 21/24

What a way to start a week! An announcement for another concert? That was sublime! Before the concert at Fenway on August 6, the reunion we’ve been waiting for will happen two days earlier in the Baltimore-Washington DC Area; and! there are going to be Meet and Greets! The New Kids said “It’s the summer of #BHlove”

NKOTB One Night Only, at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. The New Kids On The Block have added one more concert for this 2021; one night only in Washington with special guests Salt N Pepa, and the chance to do Meet & Greets!

Day by day, here’s what you saw and what you may have missed!

Monday: Sailing Away With Jon and Harley

On Monday, while NKOTB was announcing the concert (and just like it happened when they announced the Total Package Tour on Nov 15, 2016) Jonathan Knight was commencing his summer vacation with Harley and began sharing photos and clips from The Bahamas.

Splish Splash: Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez Vacationing in The Bahamas. Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez are sailing in the Bahamas and sharing photos and clips of their summer vacation.

(*) This post will be updated as Jon and Harley share more photos and videos

Tuesday: Cooking, Sailing and Feeling Motivated

Tuesday started as usual; we cooked with Danny Wood watching The Wood Works; on this Episode 2:10 (available on YouTube), Danny made “Peach Cobbler”. If you’re following him to stay healthy, here’s the workout routine he shared during the week:

Danny Wood’s Workout Routine

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Harley shared more stories about his vacation with Jon, and Donnie inspired us with his Tuesday Thoughts.

“When you feel good about yourself, believe in yourself and know that you are enough — that’s true.
When you feel bad about yourself, doubt yourself and think that you aren’t enough — that’s false.
#Believe in you. #Love you.”

— Donnie Wahlberg, June 8, 2021

Wednesday: Live With Joey McIntyre

Joey McIntyre Live Stream: A Little Bit of Everything. While waiting for his wife, who was shopping at Bloomingdales, Joey went live to talk from moving to Spain to why doesn’t he follow people on social media.

Thursday: Sharks, You Said?

On Thursday Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez visited the Exuma Islands and swan with pigs… and sharks! On Friday they shared more about their adventure and taught us a little bit about “nurse sharks.”

Friday, I’m In Love

A wedding at Wahlburgers! Can you believe that? Donnie shared on his IG stories a day for the books: the celebration of a wedding at Wahlburgers St. Charles.

Donnie captioned the photo saying, “Ummm so like this happened. A Wahlburgers wedding! Thank goodness I popped in @WahlburgersSTC”

Saturday Vibes

We started the day with a nice dose of motivation from Donnie Wahlberg, and then we watched Harley Rodriguez sharing more stories about his vacation with Jon.

“My primary purpose on this wonderful @nkotb journey —
Is not to make sure that you love me.
It is to ensure that you love you.
I love you my #Blockhead Family.”

— Donnie Wahlberg, June 12, 2021

Donnie also reposted a photo from @KameraImages, the IG portfolio of Karina and Alfred who’ve been married for over ten 10 years and finessing their craft together. They are based in Connecticut and you can contact them on their website kameraimages.com. They have amazing shots of NKOTB in concert.

Sunday: “… And On The Seventh Day…”

Let’s Go With Edmond

Donnie Wahlberg shared a few stories about a little bit of everything. First, an image of him (shirtless on a stage) holding a flag that reads “Donnie Fucking Wahlberg;” he added the caption: “Middle name is Edmond. But hey, let’s go with it.”

Must Visit! The BH Clubhouse in Wahlburgers St. Charles

Donnie also reposted a photo from Abbey (@music_girl_86) who thanked him for the Club House at Wahlburgers STC. Donnie captioned it saying, “Love you guys!”

This “BH Club House”, opened on July 18, 2020; it has tons of NKOTB’s memorabilia on display, themed menu items, and a one of a kind collaboration with “Happy place” inside.

The Peace One Finds in Fishing

Donnie Wahlberg closed his day on Instagram with a photo and a clip of him fishing with Jenny McCarthy.

“Reef Sharks;” Not “Nurse Sharks”

Jon and Harley posted on their IG more photos and clips; Jon shared a clip where we can see them sailing with “reef sharks” swimming under their boat. (*)

(*) This IG posts have been also added to “Splish Splash: Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez Vacationing in The Bahamas.”

Remember When

June 11, 2011. NKOTB at Fenway Park

During the NKOTBSB Tour, the New Kids On The Block performed for the first time at Fenway Park. On the 10th anniversary of this epic performance, NKOTB posted:

And, that’s a wrap!

Happy week!