NKOTB Weekly 21/27

Just when you start thinking, “what a quiet week”, Joey McIntyre shows up on Twitter saying, “Yes!!!! New vid y’all!! Me and Debbie Gibson,” embedding in his tweet the world premiere of the video. He did shared the news on an Instagram Story the day before… but if you ask me, that man needs a social media manager asap.??‍♀️

Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson’s World Premiere of the Video “Lost In your Eyes” July 1, 2021 - With a previous "Kat Party" live stream, Debbie Gibson and Joey McIntyre premiered the video for Lost In Your Eyes, The Duet.

Anyways… Shall we start from the top?

Would You Buy the NKOTB Bed Sheets?

With the release of BHBC, NKOTB’s throwback collection of Home Goods and Apparel, the New Kids On The Block included a blanket, but not the bed sheets. On Monday, they made a poll asking which size we’d get if we could buy them.

Here are some of the responses BHs tweeted; many of them brought in the “husband” factor, like Alexandra:

Some mentioned other kind of accessories (thank you Tania!)

“So how about pet accessories? I think it would be adorable for lil’Homie to sleep on a @nkotb bedsheet pet bed… or harness, or shirt”

Tania @JoeMacGirlnLA

And others were like …

“How about none of the above?”

Maria @yikes77

Easy Dinner for Busy People and Gluten Free Recipes

Way to go, Danny Wood! On The Wood Works, Danny made Italian Baked Chicken, which he described as: “one-sheet chicken dinner with vibrant Italian flavors, hearty potatoes, tasty broccoli, and flavorful chicken as the backdrop to an easy, healthy dinner!”

Then on Thursday, he released a bonus episode with the recipe for gluten free peanut butter sandwich cookies, easy to make.

Where Is Joey McIntyre?

Last week, Joey McIntyre said goodbye to New York with two emotional Instagram stories; but, this past Tuesday he was having his “last Manhattan in Manhattan, as a manhattanite,” while Griffin was showing his empty room on his IG stories.

Joey McIntyre. IG Stories. June 29, 2021
Griffin McIntyre. IG Stories. June 29, 2021

Griffin said, “Last day in this apartment in New York; it’s been a great three years; this is my room; it’s my dark blue room; it was fun; and I loved it! I’ll come back here.”

The next day, the Macs were still in The City; Joey streamed his namaste from a boat, sailing towards the Statue of Liberty, while Griffin took some pictures.

On Thursday the Macs were in their house summer house in Cape Cod, and that’s where they spent the 4th of July.

Movie Recommendation: In The Heights

“In The Heights,” based on the musical by Lil-Manuel Miranda, tells the story of Usnavi, a New York bodega owner who saves every penny every day as he imagines and sings about a better life.

Joey McIntyre posted on Twitter,

“Oh yeah… if you don’t LOVE #InTheHeightsMovie please don’t talk to me for a while cuz if it comes up in conversation that you don’t LOVE @intheheights I’m gonna walk away midsentence…at least for the summer. See this movie in a theatre. ????”

Joey McIntyre (@joeymcintyre) on July 4, 2021.

In The Heights is available on theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max; it has 7.6 starts on IMDb to this date.

Farmhouse Fixer Is Back!

After the summer vacation Jonathan Knight spent with Harley Rodriguez at the Bahamas, swimming with pigs and sharks!, Jon resumed his Instagram grid writing about the exterior painting for houses and, and he asked for your opinion ?

Remember When: Wildest Dreams

In 1991, the New Kids On The Block filmed one of the specials we love the most, “Wildest Dreams” at the MGM studios; Jon’s tweet, mentioning the TV special, was the perfect Flash Back Friday. While sharing the clip of “Jon’s Wildest Dreams”, he wrote,

“(…) Going down an NKOTB YouTube rabbit hole tonight. ?”

Jonathan Knight-Rodr (@JonathanRKnight) on July 3, 2021.
New Kids On The Block “Wildest Dreams” at MGM Studios. Disney Special January 25, 1991 - The New Kids On The Block's Wildest Dream Special, released on Jan 25, 1991, was taped at the Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando (FL).

Donnie Wahlberg and Friends on Saturday Night

Way past midnight, from Chicago, Donnie shared a photo with Tuffy Questel (IG/tuffybxnyc) and Joe Stick (IG/djjoestick) ?

Happy Independence Day, USA!

On the 4th of July, the New Kids On The Block wished a “very happy and safe 4th of July”, saying they’d stay up for the fireworks at night. Joey McIntyre was the only member of the band who posted on this day: a photo with his wife Barrett, and sons Griffin and Rhys (taken on Wednesday) and another one with Kira.

Griffin McIntyre, who hasn’t announced anything yet about a second season of Netflix’s Country Comfort, shared on his IG Stories a few clips of the fireworks at night, and photos with his siblings.

Workout, Workout!

Get ready for this week, with Danny’s workout routine.

Danny Wood’s Workout Routine

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