Update on Alma Wahlberg and Marlene Putman’s Health

The Blog has been receiving many visits and messages wondering about Donnie, Jon and Jordan’s mothers’ health. So, here’s the latest we know.

Regarding Jon and Jordan’s Mom

The night before the NKOTB Holiday Potluck last Sunday, Jon shared on Twitter that his mother – and his aunt – were recovering from surgery; he said,

“Tonight I pray for a speedy recovery for my Mom and my Aunt Geraldine on there shoulder, and knee replacement surgeries. I also pray for those who need my prayers!”

— Jonathan Knight

Sharon Knight (Jon and Jordan’s sister) said on Instagram that she was “brushing up (her) nursing skills taking care of this patient”, and she added:

Mom decided to add some more titanium to her bionic body and underwent a second shoulder replacement surgery!! Hoping for a fast and speedy recovery because you know she won’t be able to stay off the tractor for long!!

Sharon Knight on Instagram

Neither Jon nor Jordan have shared any news since then, so we can trust Marlene is recovering well. Jordan last appearance on social media was on Twitter, on October, to share Joey’s new song “Own This Town.”

Regarding Donnie’s Mom

Alma’s health is what’s been worrying us the most this year; up to this date, the latest news Donnie gave us are from the time he shared his visit in November.

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