Would You Like a Custom Fan Chair Like Donnie Wahlberg’s?

You may have gotten the front row, but Donnie Wahlberg will certainly have the best seat in the house, one that will make you want to have your own NKOTB Zipchair.(*)

On his Instagram Stories, Donnie shared the custom Zipchairs he’s gotten. Take a look!

Zipchair is a company that fabricates furniture for fans. Which means, you could have your own NKOTB Zipchair.

The chairs are not cheap, but according to their website you can “Receive up to $100 back on your chair if you provide a brief video talking about the chair.”

Here are the instructions to submit your logo. Please note that if you submit the old NKOTB logo that’s all over the web, you might need NKOTB’s consent.

BlockCon 2023 Information

(*) Disclaimer. This blog is not affiliated to ZipChairs nor NKOTB.