Joey McIntyre is Recording New Album With his Carnegie Hall Concert’s Set List

Things are getting clearer regarding Joey McIntyre’s upcoming album. We knew he’s been writing and recording songs. But after his concert at the Great American Music Hall, he dropped the news we’ve been waiting for, during a Q&A.

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To celebrate his 50th birthday, Joey McIntyre gave an unforgettable performance at the iconic Carnegie Hall in NYC, on January 14. During two hours and fifty nine minutes, Joey indulged his Bravehearts with songs from his repertoire and others’, such us Frank Sinatra’s “L.O.V.E.”, the one he performed to auditioned for the New Kids On The Block.

He did it all, and also received surprise guests who have played a role in his career and his life. His sister Carol Gallagher and his son Griffin; his pop soul mate Debbie Gibson, with whom he recently released the single “Heartbreak Holiday.”

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His long time friend, broadway star Shoshana Bean, was there as well; and of course, his four brothers from the Bean Town Land, the New Kids On The Block.

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And Donnie Wahlberg shined on his own too, performing “One For My Baby”. In an interview for People, Joey said, “It was incredibly special. I had the idea for Donnie to sing ‘One for My Baby’ because I knew it was something that was special and different and important to me. To step up and sing a song like that, that isn’t necessarily in his repertoire, at Carnegie Hall was amazing and just part of the spirit of that night

All of which, arise many questions. Are these stars going to collaborate? Is the album going to be released before, during or after his tour? Exactly which songs are going to be included?

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At the Q&A after his concert in San Francisco, Joey simply said, “What I am doing, is recording the set list that I did at Carnegie Hall. So I thought it would be a fun way to commemorate that, and Sean is an amazing producer.”

He also mentioned how the album would be released: “I want do it like a classic album, like a double album. Limited edition, vinyl, but also of course available digitally as well, and maybe a couple of new songs“.

But one thing is certain. We’ll get to hold in our hands a new CD with Joey McIntyre on the cover; daydream about attending to signings! We’ll get to listen to his voice singing solo for the first time in over a decade. And the song “Five Brothers and a Million Sisters“, will hopefully have an official release.

As a Braveheart, I couldn’t ask for more.