NKOTB Weekly 21/23

Heads Up!

  • Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson added four more shows to their mini residence in Las Vegas, for September 2021. Tickets go on sale on Wed, June 9. Read more
  • Donnie Wahlberg will be at Club Quarantine’s Live at Hollywood Bowl, on August 29, 2021. Tickets available at hollywoodbowl.com.

Test Your BH Knowledge

To celebrate the release of “Step By Step” (June 5, 1990) we’ve been playing a new quiz! “How Much Do You Know About the Album Step By Step” Give it a shot!

Posts In This Edition

Joey McIntyre’s Surprise For Her Daughter Kira’s 10 Birthday. On Kira’s 10th birthday, she had a date with his dad, got a new IG account and a big surprise: the Macs took her to a trapeze park

Debbie Gibson and Joey McIntyre, “Lost In Your Eyes. The Duet” Review. On the day of the release, Joey wrote, “Love what we created.” I didn’t quite agree… Did you?

Joey and Griffin McIntyre Welcoming the Summer in the Hamptons. From Griffin’s last day of school, to a ride on a Bentley with friends in the Hamptons.

Week Recap

Monday was Memorial Day in the US; they New Kids shared a photo from the old days asking BHs to have a safe Memorial Day, while Joey chose to pay tribute to the soldiers on his Instagram. On a more happy note, we celebrated: the ten year anniversary of the release of Jordan Knight’s “Unfinished” and the ten year anniversary of the day Kira McIntyre arrived to this world ☺️

On Tuesday, Danny Wood cooked on The Wood Works “Spicy Italian Shrimp;” meanwhile Donnie shared his Tuesday Thoughts and a very cool announcement: Club Quarantine is going to its first show live at the Hollywood Bowl, and he’s going to join the party! Did you catch the live stream?

On Wednesday the New Kids On The Block starting counting the days until NKOTBoston and Joey the days for the release of “Lost In Your Eyes. The Duet.” Mac also posted a Namaste clip.

Towards the weekend, the New Kids On The Block gave us one of the cutest TBT, while Joey was sharing on his Instagram Stories one of the “subway creatures.” And Friday, was a day filled of excitement for Joe: his new single was out, he announced four more shows for his Vegas residence and Griffin finished the school year.

Finally, over the weekend, Jon shared how much he loves living in Massachusetts and the Macs began enjoying the summer at the Hamptons. And, we wrapped up the week with Donnie hosting “Very Scary People.”

If there’s anything you missed, here’s your chance to catch up!

In the Mac World

Joe Mac on Memorial Day

Namaste, With Joe Mac

“The Song We Needed Today”

That’s the caption the guys from IG/subwaycreatures used to share a clip of a man singing Starship’s “Nothing Is Gonna Stop Us Now.” Joey McIntyre shared on his IG stories with a big fat “Yes!!!”

This is the second week on a row that Joey shared clips from NYC’s subway creatures, which he haven’t done for a while. We know (thanks to Griffin’s latest stream) that the Macs have plans to move back to LA in June. Could it be that he’s feeling nostalgic already?

Life in Essex With Jonathan Knight

With a gorgeous shot, Jonathan Knight invited us to visit the place he’s been living in for the past 32 years

Remember When

Read More

Among the updates for The Blog this week, we have a new page for “Unifinished”, where you can find the history of the album, song lyrics, official videos, and very cool interviews.

Oh Captain, My Captain

Tuesday Thoughts With Donnie Wahlberg

For Tuesday Thoughts, Donnie showed up with some inspiring words,

Make an effort to treat somebody with just ONE of those today — and your life, their life and the world, will all become a much better place.

Donnie Wahlberg / TW

Club Quarantine Live

Donnie joined a live stream of D-Nice, in which they announced a big event: the first Club Quarantine, live!

New Kids On The Block Photos

Enter the gallery to see what the New Kids said when they shared their weekly photos. You can leave your comment on each picture ☺️

The Wood Works, With Danny Wood

On Tuesday, Danny Wood cooked on The Wood Works “Spicy Italian Shrimp”. Watch the Episode 2:9 on YouTube.

Danny Wood’s Workout Routine

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