Griffin McIntyre at Berklee College’s Summer Camp

Griffin McIntyre surprised us with an Instagram post and a few stories, from “Berklee College”. What’s going on here!

griffin mcintyre berklee college

Joey McIntyre eldest son, Griffin (15), has been showcasing his talent on the piano on his Instagram account @TheGriffinMcIntyre, and today he posted the great news.

“These past five weeks I’ve been at @berkleecollege …an experience that I will never forget πŸ˜­πŸ˜ƒπŸ«Ά”, Griffin wrote sharing a clip of him playing the piano.

Griffin McIntyre attended Berklee College’s Summer camp 2023, a “Five-Week Music Performance Intensive” which begun on July 14. And he did it along with musicians from more than 70 countries.

griffin mcintyre berklee college
Griffin McIntyre, Instagram Stories, 8/11/23

After posting his clip, Griffin shared a few more photos of his experience at Berklee College.

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