Watch The Wanderer’s Tech Rehearsal on Joey McIntyre’s Take Over

As promised on his latest IG live, Joey McIntyre is taking over Paper Mill Playhouse’s Instagram account, so we can learn more about the show and look behind the scenes at The Wanderer tech rehearsal.

Joey streamed 11 live videos, and 86 stories, introducing the cast, the writer, the director, and even Dion at the very beginning.

Note: This post is being updated

Joey McIntyre Shows The Dressing Room And The Stage

On the first live, Joey introduces two special friends of his and begins getting ready to get in his character Johnny. He was reluctant to show us behind the scenes because he’s “old school” and likes to surprise the audience when he enters the stage.

From his dressing room, he walks to the stage and we can see the set of The Wanderer which has two big towers with three sides that move and switch according scenes.

Meet Christy Altomare

Christy Altomare (Anastasia) is one of the three main characters and she plays Susan, Dion’s girlfriend / wife. She’s been working on the show, along with Joey McIntyre, since a workshop they did together in 2018.

Meet Johnny Tammaro

Johnny Tammaro (“Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding”) plays Pat DiMucci. Johnny has been involved with “The Wanderer” since the writer – Charles Mussina – first had lunch with Dion in 2011. Back then Mussina called Johnny over the phone and told him he had just had lunch with Dion, which he had met through a mutual friend, and said “I’m gonna write a show about his life and you’re gonna play his dad.”

About the show, Johnny also tells us this is the 6th time (of workshops and readings) the’ve worked on the show and that the 7th time… will be in Broadway 😉.

Regarding his character, he says, “I’ve created a role before, but nothing at this scale;” and about the story, Johnny adds, “As Dion says, it is a story and a show that cannot be denied.”

Meet Sydney Skye

Sydney Skye is part of the ensemble and also an understudy; she covers all the girls in the show (six tracks), including Christy Altomare.

Joey McIntyre Explains How the Production Works

Meet Katie Pohlman

Katie Pohlman is also part of the ensemble and she covers four (4) tracks.

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