NKOTB Tour: Donnie Wahlberg Crosses His Fingers and Says “Patience”

If you haven’t downloaded the NKOTB App, you may want to do it now… because even though the New Kids On The Block have resumed their solo projects, going back on tour could be on the second top of their to-do list… and the notifications of the app may change your day when you least expect it.

While Danny Wood continues cooking on his YouTube show “The Wood Works” and Jordan Knight is once again out of the spotlight (unless you’re in the NKOTB app!), Jonathan Knight is getting ready to shoot the second season of Farmhouse Fixer.

Joey McIntyre has recently landed in LA, and he’s about to kick off his mini residency in Las Vegas with Debbie Gibson on August 26th.

Joey Mcintyre, IG Story, Aug 15, 2021

He has already gave us a spoiler of the songs he’s working on and… he might be looking to have Donnie Wahlberg as a special guest; but, as he wrote, he is “a busy dude.”

Joey Mcintyre, IG Story, Aug 13, 2021

Busy dude, indeed. Donnie Wahlberg is back on the set of Blue Bloods since July 23rd; the 12th season of CBS’s primetime show, will premiere on October 1st, 2021. But, as we all know, that’s no impediment for Donnie to put his cuffs on other plans as well ?

DDub has been dreaming about an NKOTB World Wide Tour since December 2019; then, after a year of silence due to the pandemic, he shocked us with a tweet on January 2021, saying – among other things – “Worldwide Road Trip, When This is Over”; and he did it again this past May when he appeared in “The Masked Singer.”

On his first post after the Fenway Park show, he wrote on Instagram, “To the many many Blockheads who could not make it, because of restrictions and life complications, I promise to make it worth your wait too.” Then on August 12th, when the New Kids shared their memories from Fenway, they closed their message by saying, “Stay tuned”… and, once again, we all know what means.

Now this Sunday, a BH hitting refresh on the “Tour” tab of the NKOTB App – which is now empty – shared a screenshot captioning it, “Tears are the best makeup remover”, to which Donnie replied, with his fingers crossed, “Patience.”

And… you know what I’m gonna say… “we all know what that means.” ?

Join the NKOTB App today! It’s free, and super fun! ?

Donnie Wahlberg, IG Stories, Aug 15, 2021