NKOTB Weekly 21/07

“What-a-week.” It started with Kevin Bacon singing Hangin’ Tough (yup, that happened); we learned about the history of the 6th member of the New Kids On The Block and then… Jordan Knight left Instagram.

We also celebrated Valentine’s Day (from which we’ll still recovering) but, a lot more happened on the block and at the blog.

So, here is everything you saw, and what you may have missed.

Posts In This Edition

Kevin Bacon Sings Hangin’ Tough (And That Time Joey… What!?)
What happens when you mix an 80s GOAT, with goats and NKOTB. Rambles!

The Manscaping Theory, With Danny Wood (Hear, Hear!)
Danny Wood brought up a special topic on his latest episode of “The Wood Works,.” You thought it was only about cooking? Na-ah!

The History of the 6th Member of The New Kids On The Block
How many “6ths” members do we have so far? When did this tradition start? Is there one true 6th member?

Jordan Knight Has Closed His Instagram Account
Jordan Knight’s official account on Instagram is closed, but something else is going on.

Joey McIntyre Sings My Funny Valentine (A Capella)
On Valentine’s Day, Joey sang a cappella “My Funny Valentine” walking down the Central Park.

Valentine’s Day On The Block
What did the New Kids On The Block do on Valentine’s Day? Plenty!

He Tweeted Me Back! “Donnie Knows” Edition

This should be a regular section… hashtag HTMB? But hey, if #SASOTOG works, why wouldn’t that one? Right? We loooove when one of the New Kids tweets us back and Donnie knows it well…

He Knows How to Make It Even More Emotional…

BHs from @NKOTBpolls on Twitter, created a poll on Monday regarding Donnie’s rap skills; they included: Block Party (38.1%); No More Games (Remix) (36.5%); Boys in the Band (20.8%) and “Other” (4.6%) To which Donnie replied:

“you guys left out a lot of options. just saying.
Miss You More
Still Sounds Good
Are You Down?
You Got The Flavor
Click 3x
Coming Home (“I don’t wanna blame you, shame you, tame you — girl my only aim is to re last name you”)
I’m even forgetting some.”

— Donnie Wahlberg, Feb 9, 2021

And so, @julielushjordan wondered, “Am I the only Bh who has never heard ‘coming home’;” to whom Donnie also answered: “Here you go. #BHLove ❤️ (this one gets me in my feels)” and shared a clip of the video.

He Knows the Power of the Word “This”

… and he certainly knows how to use emojis too.

He Knows When TWUGS are Absolutely Needed

Because He Knows Exactly How We Feel…

“That deep “pit in the stomach” feeling that we all get when we miss each other?
(You know the one).
Try not to think of it as sadness or pain.
Try, instead, to see the blessing of sharing a love so special that you could miss it that freaking much.
#thankful #BHLove.”

— DonnieWahlberg, Feb 9, 2021

And Also… The Exact Moment to Make a Wish

Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d see on the clock that it was 1:11 or 2:12 which meant – of course – that it was the time to make a wish because that’s how we make wishes come true? (hashtag science says so!) Well, Donnie does it too

Meanwhile, In The Farmhouse

While Jonathan Knight kept counting the days on Twitter, for his show that’s premiering on March, he shared a few Instagram Posts. First he filmed Kristina (whose work is featured in this month’s HTGV magazine [IG])

Then he posted a photo of himself under a cover, saying, “Cold weather these past few days calls for not leaving the couch and watching  @discoveryplus

Jonathan Knight, Feb 12, 2021

Ad Interim, In The Mac World…

On Monday night, Joey McIntyre went for another walk with his kids in the Central Park; he took and shared a pretty cool picture and also filmed the children playing in the snow ☺️

Plus, he reposted the Kevin Bacon’s clip, which we covered in Kevin Bacon Sings Hangin’ Tough (And That Time Joey… What!?)

Then on Tuesday, while he was listening to the radio, he posted a series of tweets saying, “Anybody notice how McGoose and Sen. Cruz sound very similar?? Cadence etc. [TW] I am listening on the radio. So it might be a little easier to make the comparison. [TW] The cadence. The cadence. [TW]

And then

“I’d like to apologize to @RepJoeNeguse. I was listening on the radio and heard it as McGoose. Either way you have an awesome nick name there: “Goose!!!” And great job today. 36 yrs old? You’re good! Hope you don’t mind the bi-partisan comparison”

JoeyMcIntyre, Feb 09, 2021

Nice saved!

Finally on Saturday, he shared another extract of “East of Eden” which he’s about to finish reading.

The Wood “Totally” Works: Spanish 101

On the “The Wood Works” Danny cooked his “Mediterranean Shrimp and Chicken Sausage;” he says he “kind of made this one up,” and – while he goes through the recipe – he talks about his trips to Greece and how he loved the way the they cook: “whatever they caught that day, is what they cook,” Danny says; always fresh food on the menus at the restaurants!… So nice… Then, he sings and the dogs bark. Hashtag hilarious.

Besides the “manscaping issue,” it was interesting to discover the meaning of the word “Purée,” (which Danny explains as he grabs the tomato purée) because in Spanish it’s used in a different way. Danny refers to its French origins, in which the term means “purified or refined (…) and overlap with other dishes with similar consistency.” And, …, that is not exactly what it means in Spanish…

In Spanish, everything that’s mashed up, is “puré” (take one “e” of from the pronunciation) 

  • If you mash up potatoes, you get “puré de papas”
  • If you mash up yourself (seriously, like when you work-out too much and get exhausted) you’d say, “Estoy hecha/o puré” and that would mean you’re exhausted… looking like mashed potatoes.

Funny, huh?

Check out the complete workout routine of Danny the past week on the next page.

Oh Captain, My Captain

On Wednesday night, Donnie stopped by (with Lumpy!) to tell us how much he loves us and… that “we’re gonna be together soon.” Hashtag YAY!

And… that’s a wrap!

“Spread Love And Love Will Spread. Nuff said. ❤️” Donnie Wahlberg, Feb 12, 2021

Have the most wonderful week!